Synstar Series - Multicolors

Application:Cosmetics, Soaps, Nail polish, Coating, Auto Painting, Epoxy Resin, Craft, etc

Synstar Series Pigment is made of manufactured mica covered with metallic oxide layer. Contrasted with regular mica, the engineered one has numerous favorable circumstances, for example, higher immaculateness and less dark spot, better climate evidence, better gloss, chroma and increasingly stable when presented to high temperature.

Product Image Code Color Composition Particle Size
KT-7059 Bright Red Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7069 Bright Violet Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7089 Bright Blue Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7099 Bright Green Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7659 Bright Blue Mauve Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7669 Bright Blue violet Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7689 Bright Pure Blue Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7699 Bright Blue Green Fluorphlogopite 30-150μm
KT-7421 Synstar Gold Fluorphlogopite 60-300μm
KT-7415 Synstar Red Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7424 Synstar Violet Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7419 Synstar Purple Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7435 Synstar Green Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7405 Synstar Red Blue Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7422 Crystal Gold Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7423 Synstar Orange Fluorphlogopite 10-60μm
KT-7482 Flash Scarlet Fluorphlogopite 10-100μm
KT-7483 Flash Rose Red Fluorphlogopite 10-100μm
KT-7484 Flash Blue Fluorphlogopite 10-100μm
KT-7485 Flash Jade Fluorphlogopite 10-100μm
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